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The Company

The Deborah Abel Dance Company performs original works choreographed by artistic director Deborah Abel which are intended to engage the audience in a very human, soulful, and concretely emotional way, and to give them an experience of discovery and inner movement.  It is meant to remind us of a level of connection with ourselves and others that gets buried in everyday life, and which the arts are uniquely qualified to uncover.  It aims to touch the part of us that is longing:  longing to be the lover and the beloved, longing for connection with our truest selves and with others.  Through a perspective that is a meld of western psychology and eastern intentionality, the dances explore the possibility of personal wholeness, and of evolving relationships in partnerships, families, and communities.  Each concert is conceived as a whole, creating a universe into which the audience is invited to enter. 


Abel’s work has been described as “…a confluence of broad strokes …and telling details …; the lyricism and technical acuity of Jose Limon; the primordial thrust of Martha Graham; the sculptural peregrinations of Pilobolus. And infusing it all is a sense of breath as powerful as the butoh concept of (to quote Sankai Juku founder Ushio Amagatsu) "inward wind," an internal force…”



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