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Bhakti Modern


Emerging from the tradition of modern dance, Bhakti Modern draws us to the universal well of spiritual longing. Themes may focus on different aspects of the human quest; awakening to a deeper reality, the spiral of masculine and feminine energies, the connection between human and sacred narratives. Bhakti Modern, simply put, is concert dance that creates an intimate experience of our connection with the divine.  


For us, this translates into a deeply felt exploration of love.  Our work seeks out the call of the beloved, the place of meeting between divine love and earthly love in all its manifestations:  Love within couples, family, friends, community. Love of self and soul blended with the beauty of union with the divine.


Come in and sit down, enter into the hush as the house lights dim. Let the music, lights and dance wash over you. The mind contemplates, while the heart opens to the lushness of the experience. We invite you to still yourself as layer by layer the heart awakens, forgotten feelings stir and with them a sense that deep mystery approaches, wanting to be known. Swim in the ocean of longing and the bliss of reunion.  This is Bhakti Modern.

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