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Bhakti Modern: Meditation in Motion  

Water is Life

We invite you to join us in this movement flow video as we meditate in motion. Feel your focus turn inward as you allow the movements to wash through you without concern for form. Whether you are in your home, out in nature or any place in between we invite you to move with us.

This is a 10 minute movement phase followed by 15 minutes of sound meditation for those who would like to continue. Thank you for joining us!

Please like, post and send to friends, family and those who would enjoy meditating in motion!

Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories
Come to the Circle

We performed, Come to the Circle, a dance from The Wild Divine at an event honoring and celebrating women in Chelsea, MA on March 21, 2023.  

THANK YOU, for an incredible Mexico tour!


USArtists International




Deborah Abel, dancers, and assistant director,

backstage after our performance closing the 39th Lila Lopez festival, with festival director, Mireya Bernal.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-06 at 11.19.42 AM
WhatsApp Image 2019-08-06 at 11.19.38 AM
WhatsApp Image 2019-08-05 at 2.08.17 PM.
WhatsApp Image 2019-08-07 at 8.29.57 PM.
WhatsApp Image 2019-08-05 at 2.21.14 PM.

THANK YOU to all who were a part of making this tour happen. We are so filled with gratitude.

With funding from the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation's USArtists International grant, and generous community donations, we had the great honor of closing the 39th Lila Lopez International Contemporary Dance Festival in San Luis Potosí, SLP, Mexico. 

We sold out the gorgeous Teatro de La Paz, seating 1400, with hundreds turned away.

                     Views from outside Teatro de la Paz hours before the house opened. The line snaked all around

                      one of San Luis Potosí's beautiful plazas.

We hosted three masterclasses in San Luis Potosí, Cuautitlán Izcalli, and Mexico City, connecting with dozens of pre-professional and professional Mexican dancers, sharing the deep spirit of Bhakti Modern, and learning from their openness, warmth, and beautiful dancing. 

We performed for a second time at Teatro San Benito Abad in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mex, Mexico, where we were met with another warm and enthusiastic audience, deeply touched by the universal human messages of The Wild Divine.

We closed our tour with a week long residency at the Tlacopac International Artist Residency in Mexico City. There we shared a final masterclass, connected with local artists, and did as much exploring as we could of Mexico's rich art history. 

      Views of our beautiful accommodations at Tlacopac. Far right, dancers Haissan and Alonso visiting some of Mexico's ancient              pyramids.

There is much more to come! Be sure to stay in touch.


Click Here to donate to our Mexico Tour GoFundMe

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