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Photos by Edgar Gutierrez Calvillo.

Master Class


A Bhakti Modern master class is a modern dance technique class which focuses on the inbreath and outbreath of the unfolding movements and phrases, as they ebb, flow and spiral in varying dynamics. The technique is Limon inspired, and the music is drawn from world music, kirtan and singer/songwriter pieces.


Each class begins with an organically conceived warmup that trains, strengthens, and warms the body in flowing combinations and contrasting dramatic rhythms. The class starts meditatively on the floor, moves to a standing center, and continues to a breath-infused, passionate dance phase which aims to evoke in each dancer a connection to divine beauty, inner longing, and personal artistry. 


The master class is offered as a single 1 ½ or 2 hour class, or a series of classes. For more information and venues, contact us at or click here.


"Bhakti Modern allows me to feel my Spirit in my body, through my body. Spirituality is often seen as something beyond the body, something that disciplines you to overcome the limitations of being in this form. But when I dance with Deborah I feel the power and the gift of my body to experience and express the sacred nature of Life itself.  The movement and form are a language for a range of experience, emotion, longing and knowing that are innate to being human and whispers of the mysteries beyond." 

"I have been taking Bhakti Modern dance classes with Deborah Abel for 15 years. What began in 4th grade as a creative expression for my young spirit, has developed into a profound and integrative experience that reconnects my body, mind and heart. Abel's Bhakti Modern Adult Class provides a sacred space for me to hit the pause button on my frenetic world and check in with my internal existence. Whether we are dancing to an upbeat piece of music or exploring the nuances of more introspective choreography, the essence of Deborah's Bhakti Modern movement leaves me feeling more emotionally balanced, mentally clear and physically energized."

"Bhakti Modern is precisely the style of dance class that I have dreamt about, where modern dance technique intersects ancient yoga practices.

Bhakti modern makes me feel energized and more alive.  That deep sense of who I am has been awakened.  Deborah’s extraordinary choreography is deeply felt and produces a natural dancer’s high which inspires me to want to dance more.  I am so grateful that the Universe has finally aligned so that I could join the class this fall, 2015."

Photos by Ganesh Ramalingam.
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