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CLAIRE KITZMILLER (Managing Director) joined the company in 2022. Claire is a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Microbiology and French. At school, Claire works in a lab researching the bacteria that causes tuberculosis and is pursuing a career in infectious disease research.  

Claire began dancing with Deborah Abel when she was in Kindergarten and has continued ever since. She also helped Deborah as an assistant teacher and at the student performance for several years. Claire grew up in the Deborah Abel School of Modern Dance and is honored to continue to be a part of such strong community.  

Email to reach Claire.

SOPHIE KWASS (Social Media/Board of Directors) became a board member of the Deborah Abel Dance Company in 2016.  Currently, she manages the companies social media accounts, attends board meetings, and helps plan and coordinate company events.  She has been dancing with Deborah Abel since she was in 4th grade.  She has also been involved in the school as an assistant teacher, and has helped to run the student performances for many years.  


Besides her work with Deborah, Sophie works full time as a social worker.  She received her bachelors degree from the University of Vermont, and obtained her MSW at Simmons College in Boston, MA.  Sophie is passionate about her work, and is dedicated to helping others better their lives.


She feels a special connection with the company and their work, and loves bringing her skills, passion, and energy to the company and board.  

Former Management

PAULINA FUENTES MOAD (Managing Director 2018-2019) joined the company in 2018 after being profoundly touched by the Company's 2018 Dance Concert The Wild Divine. Paulina’s roles in the company included: establishing national and international partnerships, organizing company tours, overseeing media appearance, creating social media and web design and content, grant writing, organizing fundraisers, and working strategically and creatively with the company directors. 

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NOLI ROSEN (Managing Director 2019-2022) joined the company in June 2019 to act as tour manager for the company's August 2019 tour in Mexico. Noli is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher based in Boston. She graduated from Smith College with a BA in Contemporary Dance Studies and Spanish. Noli's relationship with the Deborah Abel Dance Company began at five years old when she took her first dance class with Deborah. 


In addition to her work as a dance artist, Noli is a traditional birth attendant at Wild Woman Birthkeepers.


EMILY HAYNES (Previous Communications/Board of Directors) joined Deborah Abel Dance Company's board in 2017. Her role included graphic design, having designed the T-shirts and collaborated on the poster for The Wild Divine; web design and website management, advertising sales, attending board meetings, and helping to coordinate company events. A dancer since childhood, Emily danced through college but found herself adrift as an adult dancer, dabbling in ballet classes and belly dancing, but longing for her true love, modern dance. She found the Deborah Abel Dance Company's school in 2017 and immediately connected with the reflective and emotive elements of the Bhakti technique, crediting her time spent in class with helping her take ownership of her body and her soul.

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